Name: Amanda
Hometown: Franklin, IN
Major: History
Grad Year: 2015

Why attend MU: I chose MU for its small community. I felt that I could make new friends easily amongst the students and professors, which I have accomplished already. The professors are easy to reach and are willing to assist students and help them with difficult decisions. I feel that I am "Amanda" at Manchester, not a number.

Favorite thing: I like the multitude of communities within the community of MU. I am able to develop my identity in different aspects, whether it is as a neighbor in East Hall, as a technician at Cordier Auditorium, or a student within the History and Political Science Department.

Never expected: I never expected to learn so much about myself. With going to a school three hours away, I do not go home very often. I had to develop myself without the immediate guidance of my family, and learn to make new friends. At the end of my sophomore year at MU, I can say that I have succeeded in finding more about myself than I ever could at my high school.

I found: Adventure. I discovered that there is plenty of fun to be had, even in a small place such as North Manchester. I always have a great story to tell my family when I come home about a place I visited or something new I have been introduced to.