Name: Amber
Hometown: Waterloo, IN, US
Major: Elem. Education with Mild Intervention
Grad Year: 2015

Why attend MU: The class sizes were more to my liking compared to other schools, majoring in elementary education made me choose between mild intervention, high ability, and ELL to add, the soccer team was polite to me when I came to visit, and the distance from home is perfect.

Favorite thing: My favorite thing about being an MU student is being able to be myself and meeting tons of different people from around the world.

Never expected: I never expected myself to become a vocal person, but here at Manchester University I have learned not to be ashamed of my own opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

I found: At Manchester University, I found friendship. This is where I met my best friend who lives south of here. I am also on the soccer team and have made many great friends that I consider to be family to me here.