Name: Caitlin
Hometown: Goshen, IN, USA
Major: Accounting
Grad Year: 2015

Why attend MU: One of the reasons I chose to come to Manchester is because of the small campus and class sizes. It was a school that was far enough from home to live on campus but close enough that I could go home when I needed to. Manchester is also known for their accounting program which was definitely a plus.

Favorite thing: My favorite thing is probably the relationship that students maintain with professors. Since the classes are so small, the professors pretty much know everyone and are willing to work with you inside and outside of class.

Never expected: I never expected I would be involved in so many things in college. There are so many clubs and organizations that you can get involved with!

I found: Inspiration. There are people everywhere around you that are doing great things: professors, friends, or people you don't even know. Seeing what these people can achieve helps you see what you are capable of and inspires you to do good things and make a difference in the world.