Name: Chris
Hometown: New Paris
Major: Political Science
Grad Year:

Why attend MU: Even after applying to 13 other schools, Manchester was always there in the back of my mind. During a second campus visit, I just got that "feeling" that this was where I belonged. The fantastic financial aid package I received sealed the deal.

Favorite thing: I love having so many opportunities to get involved on campus. Classes are small enough that I know everyone by the end of a semester, and professors take the time to give you one-on-one attention and feedback when you ask for it. I feel cared for and encouraged by everyone at MU.

Never expected: After this year, I will have completed two trips abroad. I was hoping to study abroad at some point in my academic career, but I never imagined that Manchester would make it so easy through the BCA program and January Session travel courses.

I found: purpose and encouragement. I see all the amazing things that MU alumni have gone on to do. I have received words of affirmation from my professors. All of it gives me the motivation I need to study harder, think deeper and ask more questions. I know Manchester University is giving me the tools and skills I need to succeed in the world and make a difference.