Name: Courtney
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Major: Psychology
Grad Year: 2014

Why attend MU: Stepping onto Manchester's campus was a bit like they say falling in love should be. Between the personal attention and tight-knit community, I knew MU had everything I was looking for in a school.

Favorite thing: I love how close you get to your professors. I spent my first year of college at a big university where my advisor didn't recognize me, even though I was in one of his classes and made a point of talking to him often. At Manchester, the professors want to get to know you and help you succeed.

Never expected: I never expected to develop and run my own psychological experiment. As an undergraduate, this was more than dipping my toe into my field; it was diving in head first. The practical experience and the opportunities I have since I've done this are amazing.

I found: Experience. Experience that opened so many doors to the possibilities within my major. Experience that showed me a world beyond my hometown and state. Experience that helped me find myself and my future.