Name: Kaitlyn
Hometown: St, Henry, Ohio
Major: Social Work and Criminal Justice
Grad Year: 2015

Why attend MU: I decided to go to Manchester University because every college visit I took here, I felt like I was at home. Everybody is known on campus. It was also great when I sat in on a few classes and the classes were small like they were in my hometown. I knew I wanted to go to a college where I was known as Kaitlyn and not as a statistic. Being a current Manchester student, I know I definitely found the college where I belong!

Favorite thing: My favorite thing about being a Manchester student is being able to be a part of whatever I want. I am very active all over campus in the various clubs and organizations that I am involved in. Being part of these organizations, I get to meet so many people that I wouldn't get to meet if I weren't so active.

Never expected: One big thing that sticks out for me that wouldn't have been possible if I didn't go to Manchester University is going to professors houses for dinner or for a campfire. It definitely made the relations with the professors more real because you got to see their house and eat with them! Being part of a college that their professors give so much of their time to the students is so rewarding!

I found: endless possibilities! There is so much that Manchester offers and so many unique events that the university puts on, that I have gotten to experience that I know wouldn't be an option if I went to a different college!