Name: Kelley
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana USA
Major: History and Secondary Edu
Grad Year: 2014

Why attend MU: I'm 3rd generation here at MU! I grew up on the campus and it had always felt like a second home, so when my senior year of high school rolled around I applied to MU and only MU. And I've never regretted my college choice. I love Manchester.

Favorite thing: My favorite thing about MU is my professors. I had heard that Manchester professors knew your name and things about you, but I thought that was just them trying to get my attention. Nope. It's true! The professors here are great! Not only do they take the time to learn your name, but they try to get to know you as a student. And as a person. My advisor, who is also one of my professors in the history department, is amazing. Whenever I have questions he's able to help me figure them out; even if he doesn't know the answer right away, he knows who I should talk to in order to find out the answer to my question. And I've been grateful for that numerous times.

Never expected: Work with English language learners. I knew that as an education major, I would be out in the schools, but I never thought that I'd be chosen to work with a student who speaks no English. It's been an amazing few weeks working with this student, and she's managed to teach me about (and maybe even more) as much as I've taught her. It's a wonderful experience, and I'm enjoying so much!

I found: At Manchester University, I found my passion. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher, but MU taught me that my true passion was in history AND teaching! I'll always be thankful for my professors who helped me find my true passion!