Name: Lynette
Hometown: Monon, IN
Major: Communication Studies and Sport Management
Grad Year: 2013

Why attend MU: I decided on Manchester because of the small campus, one-on-one interations with professors, and the opportunity to travel and become involved on campus.

Favorite thing: My favorite thing about being a student here are the relationships I have built. Whether it be my advisor, professors in my department, or other faculty on campus, if I ever need uplifting advice or just to chat, I always know there are people here who will listen and help. I've also made some really awesome friends through my travel experience, both Manchester students and students from other states and countries. Manchester offers a wide variety of opportunities to meet new people and build ever-lasting friendships.

Never expected: I never expected to stay active in clubs and organizations. I always pictured college without these things, but here, I have a meeting almost every night regarding a club or organization. I also never, EVER, expected to travel as much as I did. I knew coming in I wanted to travel for a Jan-term, but I never expected to travel two Jan-terms and a semester. I have been very blessed with these opprotunities as they have opened my eyes to a whole new world. I would recommend to every first-year that they allow themselves time to travel - and you receive credit!

I found: At Manchester University, I found endless opportunities. Just when I think I've reached the maximum in a club, organization, class, or travel abroad, there is always a step more to be experienced. The professors and faculty do a great job at helping students to follow their dreams.