Name: Marie
Hometown: Garrett, IN
Major: English Ed/Spanish Ed
Grad Year: 2014

Why attend MU: I liked the small, close-knit feeling of the campus and its staff and students. Manchester is a family, and I loved that. I was also very much interested in studying abroad, and Manchester has great possibilities and programs for this.

Favorite thing: I love knowing that no matter what happens people on campus have my back. My friends are amazing, and the faculty and staff are always full of understanding and willing to help if needed.

Never expected: I've become physically active. I never participated in sports or even exercised regularly in high school, but shortly after my first semester started, I became involved with the intramural Ultimate Frisbee team, started going to the PERC after classes, and even went on a few runs around town! Being so focused on academics, this was surprising to me, but I love it!

I found: family. The people here are so caring and kind, and I've never felt more like I belong.