Name: Morgan
Hometown: Ft. Wayne, IN, USA
Major: Pre-pharmacy
Grad Year: 2015

Why attend MU: One of the main reasons I came to Manchester was for the pre-pharmacy program, but I wanted to attend a school where I didn't have my friends from home there with me. By not having my friends to shelter me I was allowed to branch out and meet so many great friends and other acquaintances. I have a Fort Wayne family and a Manchester family, it's amazing having the best of both worlds.

Favorite thing: I love the small class sizes. My major is difficult so being able to approach a professor is key. Not only that but I have gotten to know my fellow classmates very well and I don't feel lost in a sea of people.

Never expected: I never expected to have so many opportunities. This is a small school so outsiders think that we're only capable of small things. But this is not the case - Manchester offers travel abroad programs, clubs, volunteering opportunities, and many other ways for people to express themselves. This college has not only allowed me to be myself but it had allowed me to grow and develop into an even better version of who I am.

I found: my second family