Name: Patrick
Hometown: Ossian, Indiana
Major: Exercise Science
Grad Year: 2014

Why attend MU: I attended MU because it was close to home and it had that small town feel that I really liked. I also really liked how nice all the students are.

Favorite thing: I really like the student interaction. When I first came to MU for football I quickly made friends with people on the team and made friends with others on campus. When going to class I always see people that I know and can say hi to.

Never expected: I never expected to make so many friends here. I know that this is a small school but I initially thought that I would have made a small group of friends but I was way wrong.

I found: Spartan pride! Being able to play football and do track here is awesome and it has brought out the best in me. Unlike other schools that hand out scholarships to students, we play because we love the sport(s) and I think that's amazing! I also love going to other sporting events on campus and supporting my spartan pride and friends to a victory!