Name: Sarah
Hometown: Chelsea, Michigan
Major: Elementary Education with High Ability
Grad Year: 2014

Why attend MU: I decided to come to Manchester because I really like the atmosphere and the campus itself.

Favorite thing: My favorite thing about being an MU student is being able to walk down the sidewalk and knowing most of the people you walk by and being able to say hi. I also like how professors know you by name. It is really nice being able to go up after class, before class, or just walking down the hall and strike up a conversation with the professors.

Never expected: One thing I have done at Manchester that I never expected to do was study abroad. I always wanted to but I was able to go to Italy January of my Freshman year.

I found: experiences. These experiences do not just include my time in Italy, although that was an experience, but experiences in teaching. As an education major you are in the classroom from your first education class gaining knowledge and experience. I also have to add the experiences of gaining, losing, and making better friends and the interesting experiences we have been through.