Name: Selamawit
Hometown: Ethiopia
Major: Political Science
Grad Year: 2014

Why attend MU: "I decided to attend MU because I loved how it was a small school where I could talk and have a better one on one relationship with my professors, I could get involved in various events, I could concentrate more on my education, I could realize my full potential and I was given various opportunities which I wouldn't have gotten in other big schools."

Favorite thing: The Communities openness and enthusiasm to learn of new cultures and traditions. The students thirst for new events, ideas, tasks, work etc.

Never expected: I never thought I would speak in front of a delegation in Harvard University or become involved in community service or socialize with various groups of people from different backgrounds. Finding out that we all share something in common no matter which walk of life we emerge from and balance my academic, work and social atmosphere.

I found: A way to make my dream a Reality and My second Family.