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COVID Guidelines, Fall 2021

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Welcome Back!

Manchester strives to create a vibrant college experience in which students can engage fully in the life of the University and with each other. Whether we can do that successfully, however, depends on everyone doing their part and caring about the health and safety of other people at Manchester.  

While we have a plan for the fall, the Delta variant is spreading nationwide, particularly in areas where not enough people have been vaccinated. We may need to adjust our plan, depending on state and local levels of COVID-19 or our campus-wide vaccination rate. The best way to have a normal college experience is for everyone who can to get vaccinated!  

Masks required


Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are requiring masks for everyone, regardless of your vaccination status, except when you are outdoors, in your own residence hall room or while you are eating. 

In-Person Coursework 

Courses will return to primarily in-person sessions. While there may be some limited online learning, faculty will not be required to provide virtual sessions for students in quarantine, isolation or missing class for any reason. If you miss class for any health-related reason (including COVID-19 quarantine or isolation), you will need to work directly with faculty to make up any missed work. This is another great reason to be vaccinated!  

Events and Social Distancing 

Our goal is to return to college as college should be. Students will be allowed to gather in residence hall rooms, clubs and organizations can meet in person, and all campus spaces will be back to full capacity. We want you to engage with your fellow Spartans and the safest way to do that is through the vaccine.  

COVID-19 Vaccines


The vaccines are safe, free and widely available. They also are our way out of this pandemic and a return to normal. The vaccines are highly effective at protecting you from serious illness and hospitalization due to COVID-19. Nationwide, the unvaccinated account for nearly all of the people being hospitalized for the virus. You can find a place to receive a vaccination here.   

A North Manchester on-campus vaccination clinic will be available on Aug. 24 and 31 from 10 a.m. to noon. Please use the links below to register for the clinics. 

Moderna 2 shot series (28 days apart) 
Janssen (J&J) single shot 

If you have already been vaccinated – thank you! Please send a copy of your vaccine card to The University will maintain this information as we do with other vaccination records.  

COVID-19 Policies 

Throughout the pandemic, we have followed the science – particularly guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Based on those guidelines, we have new policies for the fall that may affect you differently, depending on whether you are vaccinated.  


Fully Vaccinated


COVID-19 Testing

Not Required

Testing required for student-athletes 3x/week per NCAA guidelines(charge to student account)


Available for non-student athletes


Not Required

Required if in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19


Requiredif you test positive for COVID-19

Requiredif you test positive for COVID-19


Required on campus except outdoors and in your residence hall room when there is substantial or high transmission in the county.

Required on campus except outdoors and in your residence hall room.

Reporting Symptoms

Required to notify if you have any COVID-like symptoms.

Required to notify if you have any COVID-like symptoms.

*Your length of quarantine and/or isolation will be determined by University officials and based on CDC guidelines.  

Quarantine and Isolation 

Quarantine is for those who have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. Quarantine will still be required if you’re unvaccinated. If you’ve submitted your vaccination card and are fully vaccinated, you won’t have to quarantine. If you have not been vaccinated and are required to quarantine, you will be excluded from campus for a period determined by university officials and based on CDC guidelines.  

This year, students who reside within a 150-mile radius from campus will be required to quarantine away from campus. On-campus quarantine housing will be available only to students living farther than 150 miles away. Unvaccinated students who must quarantine will not be provided any kind of room or board refund. Again, the best prevention is to vaccinate! 

All students who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate. On-campus isolation spaces will be available.   

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