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April 1, 2016

School Spirit - Flickr

SHOW YOUR STRIPES Spartans will soon display black and gold streaks in their hair to demonstrate school spirit. Photo courtesy of MU Flickr.

MU Raises Tuition, Implements Mandatory Hairstyle

Carly Kwiecien

Manchester University believes in providing its students with the best education possible, and also understands that college is a major investment in one’s future. In addition, Manchester stresses the importance of students showing loyalty to their school. Therefore, in February, Manchester officials decided to increase the tuition by 2.57 percent, the smallest increase in several years. This slight tuition increase is necessary because it will provide all students, staff and faculty with mandatory matching hairstyles.

As of April 8, each student, staff and faculty member is required to have one black and one gold stripe in their hair to encourage school spirit. Anyone who refuses to get this new hairstyle will face consequences.

This new trend will be carried out by Director of Intercultural Affairs Michael Dixon, who will be the hairstylist in charge of the hair dyeing. Dixon’s temporary salon will be held in his office, Intercultural Center 200. Dixon accepts walk-ins and is also available by appointment Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.     

If interested in going the extra mile, Dixon can also shave the Manchester University crest onto one’s head for a more distinct look. He has also welcomed the idea of shaving Manchester club logos onto someone’s head. He is open to all Spartan-related suggestions. 

“Diversity is over-rated,” Dixon said. “We should all conform, and one way to do that (under the guise of ‘school spirit’) is for us to color our hair black and gold. For some of us who have black hair, it would just require gold streaks.”

“For those that have other colors of hair,” he continued, “black and gold is regal and will allow you to be treated just like everyone else at Manchester. One less thing to worry about.”

Junior Holly Beer is excited about the new style. “I think this is a really great way to promote school spirit,” she said. “Everyone knows the university could use a small pick-me-up, and I really think mandatory black and gold hair is the way to go. Props to whoever thought of this great use of our tuition dollars.”

Other universities in the area have experimented with ways to encourage school spirit. They have tried lowering the costs of school apparel and making sporting events more affordable; however, they have found mandatory hairstyles to be the most effective.

These gold and black hairstyles will also encourage more attendance at sporting events and other university functions.

Sophomore baseball player Austyn Rybicki believes that this new implementation will also be beneficial to Manchester athletes.

“Many teams seem to have their own competitive edge of spirit whether that is the bats they use, the way they wear their uniforms or the items they bring to a game,” he said. “However, our school spirit trumps them all with our hair being dyed black and gold. No one can express more school spirit than our Manchester Spartans.”