Manchester University
Oak Leaves

December 7, 2018

Good Encourages Team Community

Marcus Zwiebel


The verdict from the court of Manchester’s men’s basketball team is in—they have had a great start and the men—from athlete to coach—are optimistic regarding the remainder of the season.

The men’s basketball team has had six games in the season so far—with mixed outcomes—and have two home games next week: one against Aquinas Dec. 12 and one against Rose Hulman Dec. 15. Men’s basketball head coach Gerad Good explains that the team is doing relatively well considering the numerous elements in each student-athlete’s life: class, games, lifting, practice (sometimes several a day), game film gatherings, studying and other academic work, jobs (if they have them) and the closure of the semester.

“No matter what, the guys will keep getting better,” Good said, “and right now, we’re seeing glimpses of great playing and great leadership, and the occasional lapse in those areas while the team tries to find their identity.”

Good (a university alumnus) emerged as Manchester’s head coach four years ago. He has observed during each year of his coaching strong leadership and dedicated playing, with a seeming increase from the players in skill and identity—both as a team and singularly—as well as an increase of represented areas of the country on the team.

Each of the 26 recruits for this season must figure out a way to develop their own singular identity as an athlete and as a student, as well as consider their position regarding their teammates and the team itself, Good further explained. “Sometimes present players have to begin to play different roles on the team, as a result of new recruits,” Good said, “getting them to realize that—and that they affect their teammates when that happen—can often be challenging and contributes to that difficulty for a student-athlete, including being away from home, a tough freshman year, finals week.”

The men’s basketball season concludes formally with the national championships in late March. However, Good and Manchester’s men’s basketball team direct their focus instead on the conference tournament season, which begins late February or early March. With the help of the athletes, himself, assistant coach Ricardo Johnson and the student and university body, Good hopes to further promote general positivity about both the team community and the university community. “Whether it’s for games or classes, we just want to make sure that we keep working hard, and make sure that we represent the Manchester university community, as well as the families and groups that make up that community,” Good said.