CARE Initiative


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What is CARE?

CARE (Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education) is a grant-funded resource that provides support and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, and stalking. CARE recognizes that each person’s experience is unique, and it is our mission to help guide survivors through their various options as they seek healing, protection, and/or long-term support; these options can utilize on-campus and/or off-campus resources. While CARE does prioritize support of survivors, it is also a safe space for all members of campus to discuss ways to empower Spartans to engage in healthy relationships and stand up against the violation of anyone’s autonomy. 

Is CARE the same as Title IX?

CARE is not Title IX and is not part of the Title IX process. CARE is a resource that continuously works to empower and connect victims with advocacy and support. No matter your story or background, our office is dedicated to supporting you and cultivating a safe space that will empower your journey towards healing.

However, if you wanted to get help from CARE to report to Title IX or wanted to seek guidance before going to Title IX, then we would be more than happy to introduce you to that process. So, when you see a Report It! button on our page, know that it is because we support students who want to report but we do not require you to do so to access CARE resources. 

What does CARE offer and focus on? 

  • Resources & Support Services
  • Consent Education
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Mindfulness & Healthy Relationships
  • Self-care Planning