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CARE Initiative

What is Prevention?

Prevention is something we take serious at Manchester University, and it goes a step further than presentations and vocabulary. It is the act of being proactive and using early intervention to curtail acts of violence from happening on our campus and in the community. Sexual, domestic, and dating violence as well as stalking are preventative. This means, if we work together as a community, we can make sure that we are "respecting the infinite worth of all individuals". Risk reducing tactics are uniquely important in helping to end sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking, but prevention allows for us to go deeper by delving into cultural aspects, social normatives, coping strategies, sexology, and more. See some examples below of how CARE Initiative works with Manchester University's community to strengthen prevention and awareness efforts versus just doing Risk Reduction:


Risk Reduction Prevention & Awareness
Self-DefenseChanging and addressing the underlying causes of sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.
"Watch Your Drink" CampaignsChanging risk factors for individuals and the community-at-large through bystander intervention, perpetration, and victimization issues.
Victim-Behavior Focused (Victims Change Their Behavior to Avoid Harm)Telling the community where to seek services.
Vocabulary & Policy TrainingsSurvivor-centered
Good Touch/Bad TouchAwareness events can be a one-shot program, semester, or annual.Prevention programming can be daily, weekly, and on-going.
Goal is to prevent an attack.Goal is to eliminate and reduce factors that perpetuate violence in communities by keeping it from happening in the first place and creating healthy norms.


For More Information on Prevention Resources


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Tools for Change: an Introduction to the Primary Prevention of Sexual Assault

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