Manchester Esports - Frequently asked questions


Manchester Esports FAQs

What is Esports?
Esports is organized and competitive multiplayer online gaming and is exploding in popularity at the collegiate and professional levels.

Why is Esports a thing?
Esports has been steadily gaining popularity in the United States over the past decade. The market for Esports is continuing to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. You can find eSport matches on ESPN and digital media platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Collegiate Esports players will use their skills in problem solving and critical thinking to excel in academics.

What conference is Manchester in?
Manchester has joined The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) and the Great Lakes Esports Conference (GLEC).

What are equipment specifications?
● i7 9700K
● RTX 2070
● Hyper X Cloud II headset
● Logitech G502 mouse
● Logitech 910 Orion keyboard
● All equipment is provided.

Is there an Esports arena?
Yes, the Sports arena is located in East Hall and outfitted with top of the line gaming rigs and peripherals for our players to use for practice and competitions.

What games have been declared for Manchester Esports?
● League of Legends
● Rocket League
● Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
● Fortnite is slated to be added in Spring 2021

Is there potential for other games?
NACE has an approved list of games that member institutions can make a declaration of intent to play. Member institutions may also submit requests for new games to be added. If enough member institutions show interest, that game may be added to the approved list of competitive games.
● League of Legends
● Rocket League
● Overwatch
● Smite
● Paladins
● Hearthstone
● Fortnite
● Super Smash Bros
● NBA 2K
● Madden
● Apex Legends

What are the requirements for players?
Players will be expected to:
● Attend a daily sanctioned practice for 2 hours, Mon-Fri
● Attend a daily study table for 1 hour, Mon-Fri
● Compete in scrimmages and regular season matches 2-3 times per week
● Some post-season travel may be required (no cost to the student).

Are there any costs for students participating in Esports?
The only additional costs for students is a “starter pack,” which will include Esports swag. Exact cost is yet to be determined.

How can current or prospective student find more information about Manchester Esports?
Visit our page on Spartan Life or email to learn more.