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Check this page for developments and decisions regarding how Manchester University is continuing to respond to the fast-changing circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manchester University is Here for You

Oak leaf sculpture Manchester UniversityManchester University is not just a place. It is the people. It is a community. Our students choose to learn and grow with us. Our faculty members take great care and pride educating those who will go on to improve the human condition. Our staff members work tirelessly to make sure Manchester runs smoothly and remains a great place to get a college education.

COVID-19 poses challenges none of us could have predicted, but it also offers opportunities. We are all learning new technical skills together. We are all learning about how to maintain physical distancing while finding new, safe ways to connect.

There have been hard decisions, such as canceling or rescheduling events, moving classes online, limiting who can be on campus, and requiring others to be on campus without their colleagues. Those decisions were not made lightly. Manchester’s first priority is to keep all of us safe and sound, and we are all looking toward a day when such measures are no longer necessarily.

The COVID-19 team led by President Dave McFadden meets on a regular basis to discuss issues posed by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Please send your suggestions to[GAG1] .

Thank you, Spartans. Be safe. Make good decisions.

Latest News

March 31 – Letter to colleagues from Ryon Kaopuiki, vice president for enrollment and marketing: 
"Rather than fall in line with other universities and just push out the deadline, we’ve chosen to be bold.  Effective last Thursday, the university made the decision to waive the $250 enrollment deposit for our new students enrolling for the Fall 2020 semester." Read more >

COVID-19 Update from President Dave McFadden

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