2020-2021 COVID-19 News and Resources

Manchester University COVID- 19 Testing Data

Spring 2021 Semester Totals:

  • Total Tests Performed:6997
  • % of Negative Cases: 99.6%
  • % of Positive Cases: 0.4%
  • North Manchester Campus, Total Self-Reported Cases: 18
  • Fort Wayne Campus, Total Self-Reported Cases: 10

Fall 2020 Semester Totals:

  • Total Tests Performed:1987
  • % of Negative Cases: 98.3%
  • % of Positive Cases: 1.7%
  • North Manchester Campus, Total Self-Reported Cases: 36
  • Fort Wayne Campus, Total Self-Reported Cases: 9

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Manchester’s protocol for positive COVID-19 test results is to have the individual self-isolate until their symptoms are gone and they have been without a fever for 48 hours. The University thoroughly cleans areas on campus where they have been with hospital-grade solutions, and the state of Indiana does contact tracing so that those who may have come in contact with the individual can take proper steps.

The testing data above reflects total tests for the school year beginning Aug. 24, 2020, not active cases.

Self-reported cases are from those students, staff and faculty who have tested at locations off campus and have shared the results with the University.  The University does not have access to total testing numbers off-campus. These numbers reflect total cases reported since Aug. 24, 2020, not active cases.

Manchester University does not release specific information about individuals who have tested positive, but will continue to report the number of positive cases among those who are on our North Manchester or Fort Wayne campuses.

For media inquiries: Anne Gregory, aggregory@manchester.edu.

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