Residential Life - Summer Housing

Summer Housing

During the summer of 2020, we will be offering housing to those who apply and who qualify in Schwalm Hall. All needing housing must complete the summer housing application when it is live.

If your housing is part of your summer work or internship compensation, you will qualify for a double. Single rooms, if available, will be at the cost of the student after subtracting the cost of a double room. Each application is subject to approval by the Residential Life office. If your application is denied, it is your responsibility to have other summer housing arrangements made. Priority for summer housing is given to students taking class, working full time or completing a University-sanctioned internship. Other reasons for requesting summer housing are based on available space and the discretion of Residential Life staff. Summer housing is only available for current students. Individuals who have graduated in May 2019 or earlier or who do not intend to return to Manchester in the Fall 2019 are not eligible for summer housing.

Cost for summer housing is available at the Student Financial Services website Undergraduate Tuition and Fees.

To be eligible for free summer housing, students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be employed on-campus for the summer in a position that meets the following Human Resources conditions: working 380 hours or working 240 hours and 12 weeks. Contact Human Resources if you have questions about these requirements.
  • Have a summer internship that meets conditions set by Career Services and is then approved by Residential Life.

All summer housing residents will receive check-in and key pick up information in their Manchester e-mail. Keys and moving are not available early as you are moving into an occupied building.


Please note that Schwalm is not an air conditioned building and air conditioning is not available to summer residents. Residential Life will work with our Facilities colleagues to take steps to keep the building as cool as possible during the summer months and will work on alternatives for periods of extreme heat, but we advise all students to bring fans. Student-purchased air conditioners (window, free-standing, etc.) of any kind are not allowed in the summer student rooms due to the electrical overload it places on the building.

ALL SUMMER RESIDENCY ENDS IN EARLY AUGUST. Residential Life staff will work with all summer residents to move over to their fall assignments as they are made ready for the year.