Residential Life - Loft Guidelines

Beginning in the fall of 2019, Manchester University Residential Life will only allow students to build bed lofts in Garver Hall. This will include purchased, pre-made lofts as well as ones built from kits or from scratch. We already did not allow lofts to be used in any of our upperclass residence halls (Schwalm, Helman, Oakwood or East Street Apartments) for any reason and after the 2019/2020 academic year, we will no longer allow lofts in Garver, which will bring all residence halls in line with this policy.

The reason for this change is that we are renovating East and Garver over the next two summers and a major part of that renovation is installation of new modular furniture similar to what is already in the upperclass halls. These pieces allow students a great deal of flexibility and room to be creative with the setup of their room without removing furniture or constructing anything. We already strongly encouraged any first year student thinking about bringing a loft to consider that choice carefully as lofts could only be used for a single year and is a significant investment for a piece of furniture that cannot be used elsewhere on campus. Our experience shows that lofts seem like a good idea that are unwieldy and inconvenient after a short time of living in a residence hall.

Students are not allowed to remove furniture, including their mattresses, from their residence hall rooms except for bed frames in Garver for the 2019-2020 academic year. Any student constructing a loft in any hall other than Garver or arranging their University-issued modular furniture in an unsafe fashion will be required to remove it or reconfigure the room.

Beginning on June 1, 2020, we will no longer allow lofts in any of our residence halls but will offer loftable, modular furniture in all spaces.

Building Loft Beds

Garver Hall is provided with furniture however residents may bring built or purchased lofts. All lofts must conform to the specifications listed below. The university does not provide or sell any loft equipment or kits. Before investing in a loft, please note that we do not allow lofts in ANY of our upperclass buildings or in East Hall and do not offer storage or disposal of lofts and any loft you bring will be used for one year only.

  • Assembling of lofts must occur in the room to prevent traffic problems in hallways and lobby areas.
  • Lofts are to be free standing and not attached in any way to the room or furnishings in the room.
  • Construction must be of 4” X 4” uprights with 2” X 6” braces in all directions and connected with 14/3 screws, lag bolts, or 5/16” or larger carriage bolts. No nails or spikes may be used in the construction. There must be a minimum of 2 - 1/4 “or larger carriage bolts or 3 14/3 screws per joint. All major joints are to be mortised; or if they are not mortised, carriage bolts, NOT SCREWS, must be used. Wood should be standard grade or better and not outdoor grade. Six 2” X 4”s should be used as blocks on the inside of the 2” X 6” for the bed frame to rest on; the blocks at the ends should be no more than 14” from the posts. At least one support should be used, from side to side, to ensure that the frame/springs will stay positioned in case the frame/springs come off the support clocks. The entire structure should be cross braced. Carriage bolt threads should be flush with the wood. Materials are to be pre-cut, drilled, and painted before bringing them into the building.
  • Any lamps, fans, etc. should be attached securely so that they will not fall onto the bed or occupants.
  • The university reserves the right to require students to fix or remove a loft if it is deemed a safety risk. Should you have any questions please contact the maintenance office at 260-982-5061 and they will come & inspect it.

Note: Garver ceiling height is 8 feet