Residence Halls - Schwalm Hall

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Schwalm Hall, named after former University President Vernon F. Schwalm (1941-56), houses 235 students on wings divided by gender. One Resident Assistant is available per wing, with a total of seven RAs serving about 40 residents each. Schwalm Hall has furnished singles and doubles available. Schwalm Hall houses only upperclass students.

Schwalm Hall has an extensive game room offering foosball, a card table, and ping-pong. It also has a lobby with a large, flat screen TV (where residents often play video games), two pool tables and vending machines. A single, common kitchen area is available for all residents and microwaves are located on each wing. The hall also contains a study room on each floor, laundry facilities in the basement and two computer labs.

Schwalm Hall has one of the most upbeat and energetic communities on campus and residents of Schwalm fondly refer to themselves as "Schwalmies."

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