Residential Life - Student Leadership Opportunities

Students in a residence hall

The Office of Residential Life has many student leadership opportunities available to Manchester University students. These opportunities help to make the inner workings of the campus run smoothly. Through these positions, Residential Life hopes to foster responsibility and leadership skills in our students, in hopes that it will help them to become living examples of the Manchester University mission statement.


Available Opportunities

Conduct Review Board

The Conduct Review Board (CRB)is composed of 10 volunteer students who are advised by the Hall Directors who serve as the conduct system coordinators. For purposes of hearing cases, the Conduct Board is divided into two sections, each comprised of five students. The CRB is responsible for hearing conduct cases that involve policy violations by their peers in order to refect a sense of community responsibility. Additional CRB member requirements include a conduct training session to learn the policies of Manchester University, as well as a flexible schedule in order to respond to assigned conduct meetings, usually a Wednesday or Sunday evening.

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Conduct Review Board, please e-mail Colin Schrader  (Helman Hall Director)

Apartment Coordinators

Apartment Coordinators (ACs) are an integral part of Residential Life as well as the Division of Student Development. They are the staff members who have the most direct and constant contact with students. ACs in East St are assigned to a building housing approximately 40-50 students, approximately 4 students per apartment. Their primary responsibility is to act as facilitators for this residence hall community and to enhance the social, educational, spiritual, intellectual, physical, vocational, cultural and environmental development of each of their residents. The AC articulates for students the philosophy and policies of Residential Life and the University.

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants are the Office of Residential Life's main paid position. Currently, we employ 32 students to live and work in the residence halls. For more information, click here.

Residence Hall Association

Manchester University's Residence Hall Association is a volunteer-based student programming and governing body that encompasses all the halls on campus. They meet weekly to allow halls to share their activities, ask for additional programming funds, and to approve hall improvement funds. For more information, click here.

Hall Council

Each of the residence halls on campus have a Hall Council, which is a volunteer-based student unit that is both a governing and programming body for their respective halls. Councils receive a portion of each student’s activity fee and use it to sponsor exciting events catered to the interests of their hall’s population. Each Council is in charge of democratically approving hall improvements for their building that range outside of maintenance concerns, made possible by a separate hall improvement fund based upon the number of residents. Hall Councils also serve as a diplomatic forum for concerns, questions that concern each hall, while also acting as the first step in communicating possible issues up to higher administration. Although each hall’s council varies by the need of their own building, all councils contain an executive board made up of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc. Regular, voting members are representatives from the hall’s wings as well as any resident who would like to attend. Each hall council also has two volunteer representatives that not only serve on their councils, but also as a liaison between their hall and the larger campus governing body, the Residence Hall Association.

Interested in a position on Hall Council? Most halls are holding elections soon! Attend your hall's meeting to find out how to run!