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Manchester University International Association (MUIA)

The purpose of the MUIA is to provide support for all new and continuing students from other countries who are attending Manchester University. The association provides an opportunity for an exchange of culture and traditions between international students and persons of the Manchester University community. The association also works with the Office of Admissions in all feasible ways in the recruitment of international students for the Univeristy.

All international students are automatically eligible for membership. Persons in the Manchester University community who express a serious interest in intercultural affairs also may join MUIA.

General meetings for student members are held every other week and potlucks for members of the North Manchester community are held once a month. For more information, contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs (x5005).

For more information contact:

Advisor: Michael Dixon at OR
Student President: Lucas Al-Zoughbi at

Visit the MUIA webpage here.