Student Involvement - Student Education Association (SEA)

SEA is a pre-professional organization for undergraduate or graduate students in education who have not been salaried teachers. SEA is affiliated with the 42,000 member National Education Association Student Program, which is the largest advocate organization in the world, as well as the National Education Association and the Indiana State Teachers Association.

The purpose of SEA is to help prospective educators develop an understanding of the education profession and to prepare students for a career in education. It exists to help students make a smooth transition from the campus into the classroom. Meetings occur once a month concerning educational issues. Members are given the chance to help with community outreach projects. Opportunities are also available for members to attend state conferences to promote awareness of educational trends. More information is available about SEA in the education office.

For more information contact:

Advisor: Heather Schilling at
               Kurt Kurtzhals at


Student Education Association (SEA) 2019-2020 eboard:

Carli Skinner, President
Madie Livinghouse, Vice-President
Miranda Bieghler, Treasurer
Megan Engelhardt,  Secretary
Emily Bailey and Kaitlyn Burger, Public Relations
JT Butler and Emily Ewen, Activity Coordinators
Austin Wieland, Sophomore representative

SEA Constitution