White Privilege Symposium

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The White Privilege Symposium

The Privilege Institute (TPI), is pleased to announce the White Privilege Symposium (#WPSManchester). This landmark symposium will take place at Manchester University, Friday, November 9- Saturday, November 10, 2018. In keeping with the White Privilege Conference (WPC), the #WPSManchester focuses on issues of systemic inequity and oppression through empowering, challenging and educational programming. Our workshops, keynotes and institutes provide practical tips, tools and strategies for combating systemic inequities. We are excited about theme of White Privilege Symposium: A analysis of media, social media, privilege, and identity.

The symposium is unique in its ability to bring together high school and college students, teachers, university faculty and higher education professionals, non-profit staff, activists, social workers and counselors, healthcare workers, members of the spiritual community and corporate arena, among many others. For more information, including how to register for and/or sponsor the event, please visit [insert website here]