Student Life

Asian Awareness Association 


Meetings: Wednesdays 8 p.m. (every other week)
: Intercultural Center


  • To spread awareness about Asian culture to the campus and local Manchester community
  • Initiate dialogue among members about current issues regarding Asian culture, politics and technology in the United States or around the world
  • To help all students of color feel more at home at Manchester - this is a common goal that we share with all of OMA.

Signature Events

Visit China Town in Chicago 
Valentine's Day Formal 
E-Board 2017-18

President: Zoey Tran
Vice President
: Abby McVay
Secretary: Chris Geraldy
Samantha Ziemniak
Tiffany Byers

Winners of: 
2017 Program of the Year (India Night)
2017 Organization of the Year
2007 Organization of the Year

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