Multicultural Affairs - Manchester University International Association (M.U.I.A.)

Meetings: Wednesdays 8 p.m. (every other week)
Location: Intercultural Center (unless otherwise noted)


  • Provides support and comfort for our new and continuing students from other countries
  • Gives the opportunity for an exchange of cultures and traditions between international students and other persons of Manchester University community
  • Involves students in volunteering and helping people to make a better campus community

Signature Events

World Jeopardy
Valentine's Formal
Spring Break Road Trip 

E-Board (2017-18)

President: Mam Samba (The Gambia)
Vice President: Melat Mebrahtu (Ethiopia)
Secretary: Caitlin Powell (France)
Treasurer: Glodie Lubiba (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Director of Events: Naomi Deneke (Ethiopia)
Historian: vacant

Winners of:

2009 Organization of the Year  
2009 Program of the Year (Speakers from Areas of War)
2007 Program of the Year (International Buffet)
2004 Global Awareness Program of the Year (International Buffet)
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