Manchester University
Oak Leaves

November 1, 2019

Kyle Watson Returns to MU

Carlos Argueta


When Dr. Kyle Watson is not teaching chemistry to first-years, he can be found knitting in his office or mentoring the tennis team at their matches. Watson is a new faculty member at Manchester University this year. He is an alumnus of Manchester and is eager to teach and be a part of the community once more.

So far for Watson, it has been a happy return. “It has been wonderful!” he said. “Everyone has been so welcoming, and the students have been really wonderful.” But being a professor at Manchester was very odd for Watson in the beginning: he now has a new perspective, as he goes from student to faculty. “All my memories are from my past student perspective, so it has been really cool to see the faculty side,” he said. “I was a little nervous that my faculty colleagues would remember me as student Kyle, but everybody has been great.”

Originally from Warsaw, Ind., Watson decided to come back home after teaching at Kentucky Wesleyan College for four years. He is a graduate of Manchester University, earning his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a minor in English in 2010. Then he attended the University of Notre Dame, where he received his PhD in organic and medicinal chemistry in 2015.

Watson started to get involved with student life the moment he stepped foot on campus. He is the faculty athletic mentor of the men’s tennis team, a volunteer position where he goes to the matches to support, encourage and help the team during and before a competition. “It is amazing to be the faculty athletic mentor because I played on the team when I was a student,” he said. He also helped out with the Walk into My Future event and has been to several football games to cheer the team on.

In his free time, other than being involved with the Manchester community, Watson has two other full-time jobs: being a father and a husband. He loves to spend time with his energetic son and his family. Watson also has a strong passion for knitting and will work on new projects any time he has a minute to do so. His best way to relax is by sitting down and binge-watching his favorite shows on Netflix with his family, anything from cooking shows to animated comedies.

Watson is excited about what is to come to Manchester in the future. He will be a part of the upcoming nursing program beginning in 2021, teaching chemistry to future nurses. He would also love to teach an FYS class on prescription drugs— both how they work and how they are produced. He has a passion for teaching chemistry and shaping the minds of young people. “I am just excited to be on campus and reintegrate into the community that means so much to me,” he said.