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November 15, 2019

Struewing sisters

Gianna Struewing is pursuing an accounting degree, while her sister, Giovanna, aspires to become a sports psychologist one day.

Photo provided by Bonnie Wong

Struewing Sisters Gianna, Giovanna Choose MU

Carly Greaves


Going to college may be a new and difficult experience, but Gianna and Giovanna Struewing both have the unique advantage of coming to Manchester with someone incredibly similar to themselves—in more ways than one. The Struewing sisters are identical twins and first-year students at Manchester this fall. The pair came from Connersville, Ind., a town that is about two and a half hours away from North Manchester.

The siblings chose to enroll at Manchester due to the small campus, good financial aid and, most importantly, the friendly atmosphere. “When I came to visit, the community felt very welcoming and everyone cared,” Giovanna said. “During the application process, Manchester kept in contact where other places just sent out emails.” While the welcoming community was certainly a draw for the Struewing sisters, they are not just here to have fun.

Both of them are ready and determined to pursue their education at Manchester. Their specific academic interests, however, are quite different. Gianna, originally thinking of studying pre-pharmacy, is now planning to major in accounting, hoping to find a career in that field. Giovanna is double majoring in exercise science and psychology, intending to become a sports psychologist. “Principles of Macroeconomics” has proven to be Gianna’s favorite course, while Giovanna is fascinated by her “Motor Development” class.

Despite their differences in passions, the sisters share a drive to succeed. Both twins are in the Honors Program and pride themselves in putting an exceptional effort into their schoolwork. That being said, the Struewing sisters also make time for more leisurely activities. They enjoy spending time with family, watching TV and tennis. But by far their favorite fun pastime is playing basketball.

Both twins played on their high school basketball team, though they have chosen not to play at the college level in order to focus on their schoolwork. The passion for basketball is still present in both sisters, with Giovanna thinking of joining an intramural team this spring. The sisters find the sport to be a good way to have fun and relax for a while.

“Basketball comes easy to me and I don’t have to think when I play,” Gianna said. “It lets me forget about everything else that I need to get done.”

Giovanna wholeheartedly agreed. “It is something I can go to during the good and the bad times,” she asserted. “It is easier to play with Gianna than with anyone else because we know what each other can do best and where each other is at on the court.”

While the Struewing sisters might share a dedication to schoolwork and a love of basketball, they are still quite different. Gianna considers herself more social and outgoing, while her sister is more shy. Giovanna agrees with this, also stating that Gianna is much more outspoken than herself.

Despite these differences, the sisters are thankful for having their sibling with them at college. “It makes it easier,” Gianna said. “She’s a support system that I have right with me.”

Giovanna agreed. “There’s always someone I can turn to if I need something and we do almost everything together,” she said. “But it’s nice because we don’t have the same majors so we can still be our own person.”

Their college careers are only just beginning, but the Struewing sisters are ready to work hard and find their futures—together.