Manchester University
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October 18, 2019

Manchester to Add Nursing Program by 2022 

Carlos Argueta


Manchester will soon be home to a nursing program, which is currently scheduled to offer classes in 2022.

There is currently a high demand for nursing majors because of a nationwide shortage of nurses. That, coupled with the continuing need for healthcare professionals, means Manchester is looking to get out in front of industry needs. With a growing population in the community, local healthcare systems are highly supportive of Manchester University’s plan to launch a BSN program. These clinics and hospitals are seeking more young, trained professionals to fill their open positions.

The University is scheduled to start offering the program by 2022, but it could be earlier than the intended date. “We have been approved to begin nursing classes in 2022, but we are working on program approval now through the Indiana State Board of Nursing, and are hoping to launch the program sooner,” said Beth Schultz, director of the nursing program.

Manchester is currently developing and organizing a curriculum for the program, making sure that students will become well prepared and successful in their future careers. “Dr. Nancy Schroeder, who is our first nursing faculty, and I are working with other people on campus to develop the nursing curriculum,” Schultz said. “We have collaborated with faculty and staff to consider the needs of the University and the interests of the student body.” 

Manchester must also meet specific standards for the curriculum, and they must be approved ahead of time before classes start. “There are standards that we adhere to from the Indiana Board of Nursing as we work on program development,” Schultz continued. The program will have students attend classes at the main North Manchester campus for the first two years. The final two years classes will be at the newer Fort Wayne campus, as it is thought to be a more appealing location to live for upper-level students.

The university will be hiring new qualified and experienced nursing faculty to teach the major. Current students will have the opportunity to explore the option of pursuing a nursing degree and possibly stay at Manchester University. There is already currently a significant number of students excited about the new program. Many current enrolling students have been inquiring about the new nursing program. There have also been young potential students from different high schools and colleges who are currently interested in the program.

The curriculum is going to be integrated with the University Core Curriculum over four years. Students will start taking their nursing classes at the beginning of their first year. The move to add nursing as a major was a natural move for Manchester, since the school already has a strong natural science department with different majors and masters programs available for athletic training and pharmacogenomics. Manchester also offers a professional doctorate in pharmacy.

Manchester believes it is an excellent opportunity for the school and the community to expand its outreach. With the new nursing program, even more students are expected to enroll and attend the university.