Manchester University
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September 20, 2019


Emily Lynn opened with Dr. Pamela Haynes (Orchestra) and Grant Ebert (accompanying vocalist).

Photo by Chloe Arndt

MU Senior Emily Lynn Performs Capstone Recital

Jacob Hamilton


Manchester University singer Emily Lynn delivered her senior vocal performance for choir in Wine Recital Hall on Sept 5.

All music performance majors prepare a recital following their junior and senior years. Lynn was expected to learn at least two songs in all four of the languages of opera (Italian, German, French and English) in preparation for her performance. Additionally, these songs also had to vary in both the style they are written and performed, as well as the time period in which they were composed.  Lynn noted that her performance was also a preparation of sorts for graduate school, so her song choices were heavily influenced by pre-screening and audition requirements for schools that she could see herself attending after graduating from MU.

How did she prepare for her recital? “It is as simple as practicing every day,” she said. “It is a lot like a sport; the voice is a muscle and it must be trained every day.” Being a talented cross country athlete, Lynn is able to speak accurately and from experience on this comparison.

Lynn rehearsed every week in a number of personal practice sessions with her voice coach, Dr. Debra Lynn, who is also her mother, and pianist Dr. Pamela Haynes. “Practicing regularly with a pianist is essential to achieving a true ensemble in the sound,” Lynn said.

Lynn had a good deal of support leading up to her recital, and on the night of her performance that support only grew. Wine Recital Hall hosted a number of people that night who are very important to her, including her family, her best friends, supporting faculty members, Manchester University alumni, members of the music department, community members of North Manchester, and her teammates on the cross country team. She was very happy with this support and is grateful to everybody in attendance for taking the time to be there to support and witness her performance.

She is not yet sure where she will go to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in vocal performance, but is looking forward to singing opera music in the future, a talent that she believes could take her anywhere.  Lynn has a firm plan for what she wants from her future and said that this performance is, as she put it, “only the beginning."