Manchester University
Oak Leaves

October 4, 2019

BSU Organizes All-Star Basketball Game

Ryan Daine


Manchester University’s All-Star Basketball Game, put on by the Black Student Union, was a big hit this week, with many excited fans showing out to watch the spectacle. The event consisted of an all-but-casual pickup game, played between two all-volunteer teams, a White and Black team. Teams were randomly selected, based on a roster consisting of eager student-athletes who signed up several weeks prior to play in the event.

Stepping into the main gymnasium of the PERC, the excitement was prevalent, as around 100 attendees consisting of students, North Manchester residents, and even Pres. Dave, all shared the wooden bleachers. Energy gripped the gym early on, as it was clear that this was not going to be just any light pickup match. Both teams played aggressively to start the event wanting to edge each other out early on. The players focused on driving the ball up and down the court while putting points on the board, with some swagger to boot, throughout the match. 

The competitive nature of the game was all in good fun, however, as both teams enjoyed taking risky three-point shots, driving hard in the paint, and even, on several occasions, punctuated the game with 
dunks. Both sides wanted to get the upper hand as early as possible. The close competition continued on into halftime, where the score was nearly dead even, with the White Team leading 62-59.

Back on the court after halftime, the Black Team wasted no time trying to claw back into the lead. The risky play only got more intense, with both teams vying for possession, trying to wear each other down to the last minute. At the conclusion, the White Team’s efforts were rewarded, as they pulled away with an exciting and close win, besting the Black Team 116-111, in a very high scoring match. The whole competition was all in good fun, however, as no hard feelings were evident between the two teams, following the conclusion of the game.
Following the match, first-year student and member of both the MU basketball team as well as the losing Black Team, Tyler Wilburn, was happy to offer his take on the night. “It was largely a pickup game between mostly current basketball players,” he said. “All in all, just good, fun competition.”  

Wilburn himself had several highlights from the game, including several big 3-pointers, a steal, and a well-executed fast-break dunk. How did he feel this game could translate to the upcoming basketball season? “Pleased,” he said. “Pleased and excited for what’s to come.

“Some skills are just best developed in a game type setting like this one,” he continued. “It’s nice to be back on the court, playing live against other guys.”