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October 4, 2019

Pumpkin Winners

Lauren Sponseller, Erin Hickle, and Molly McClure were declared the winners of this year’s pumpkin painting contest. 

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MU Dining Hosts Pumpkin Painting Contest

Jarred Hubbard


To usher in Halloween, Manchester Dining hosted a pumpkin painting event on Sept. 23. Then the following day the pumpkins were judged inside Haist Commons. The dining service provided the pumpkins and the paint, and over 20 students participated.

Students could enter their pumpkins into the competition or just enjoy the creative process. “I had a lot of fun painting my pumpkin,” said Clarissa Williams. “I didn’t want to even be in the competition; I wanted to have fun and come out of my shell.

“My pumpkin didn’t have a set plan,” she continued. “I was just flowing with it.”

Hannah Imes, however, followed a theme. She painted an image of Sally and the mayor from “The Night Before Christmas.” “This is my favorite movie of all time and I feel these characters were the easiest to create and bring to life,” she said.

Imes also enjoyed the process of the pumpkin painting, “I loved how there was no rush to finish and get the pumpkin done,” she said. “I felt that everything went smoothly.” She didn’t enter her pumpkin into the competition because she just wanted to, “have fun and bring out her creative side.”  

On Sept. 24, diners including students, faculty and staff were able to view and vote on the pumpkins in the café. Crystal Phillips, MU Dining’s marketing coordinator, who was in charge of the event, was glad that students got involved and took some pride as well as showed some school spirit. “I loved to see all of the neat artwork that everyone worked hard to create,” she said.  Phillips awarded the prizes to Lauren Sponseller, Erin Hickle and Molly McClure.  

“I was honestly surprised that I made the top three,” McClure said. Her design of Lilo and Stitch was very dear to her. “I grew up watching Lilo and Stitch, and as I grew up the show became more meaningful to me,” she said. “I also love how ‘Ohana’ means family and I have that tattooed on me.”