Manchester University
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October 4, 2019

Sodexo Replaces Chartwells as Food Provider

Carlos Argueta


There is a new provider at Manchester University this year, looking to freshen things up on the menu for students, faculty and staff.  Manchester University has signed a new five-year contract with the food provider Sodexo, looking to improve the food on campus and to add variety to the menu.

The university chose to switch to Sodexo after being with the previous food provider, Chartwells, for 20 years, believing that it was in the best interest of the university. Sodexo has invested in the university by adding enhancements to the Haist Commons and the Funderburg Library. With the change of the food provider, there will be two additions to the campus with Lounge Twelve—a 24-hour convenience store and Cru5h, a new chef-inspired dining location.

Sodexo has brought new meal options to add variety to the Haist Commons. “What students will notice the most is the change in food quality and variety.” said Alexis Young, director of Conference Services. “Sodexo is committed to having a dedicated gluten-free and allergen safe.” So far, the move towards gluten-free and allergy has been a hit among students. “I am not allergic to anything, but I like the allergy-free station because it has great options and sides,” said Isaac Miller, junior.

There is also much excitement over Lounge Twelve for students who look for a late-night option without having to leave campus. “I am excited about the new 24-hour store, and it is going to make latenight studying so much better if I do have snacks,” said Dylan Leininger, first year.

Lounge Twelve has pre-packaged meals, to-go options, packaged chips, snacks, candies, bottled beverages and Starbucks coffee. Cru5h, on the other hand, will have five different options from wings, fresh Mexican food, hand-made burgers and milkshakes. Sodexo will also offer theme days, which include the social pop-up events, trending tastes, cityscapes and national holidays.

Although there have been benefits from this transition, there are still some concerns. Many students who are a part of sports teams and clubs miss dinner, causing them to have to leave campus for a warm meal. Students would like the hours for dinner to be extended to save on time and money. Students would also like to bring more food options near or on campus without having to drive to the nearest fast-food restaurants.

In different colleges and universities around the country, many students complain about the food available to them. Although at Manchester with the new food provider students, faculty and staff have reacted positively with the latest changes and the new additions coming.

“I personally have noticed an improvement in the quality and variety of food,” Young said. “I’m excited about the new retail locations opening soon in Funderburg Library, and I think students and employees on campus will appreciate the added amenities and variety of food these two new locations will bring.”