Manchester University
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November 8, 2019

Monster Mash 2

East Hall residents dress up in costumes to celebrate Halloween.
Photo by Levi Doe

First-Year Halls Transform into Spooky Spectacle

Erica Mohr


On Wednesday, Oct. 30, over $1,600 was spent on candy so that kids could participate in the “monster mash” throughout East Hall. Local children varying in ages clambered to put on costumes and visit Manchester University for its annual Halloween extravaganza. Costumes ranged from the characters of “Frozen” to basketball players to dinosaurs. East Hall’s lobby featured caramel apples, popcorn, fun music and an inviting atmosphere for children. And after enjoying the festivities located there, the children followed a path set up by the Hall Directors so they could get the best trick-or-treating experience possible.

The first floor of East Hall had an “underground” theme. When one walked through it, they were transported to a cemetery of sorts: large grey tombstones with the names of residents on them decorated the black paper that lined all the walls. “It turned out super well,” said Jessica Evans, one of the first-floor girls RA’s. “All the residents came together to help us make sure it all got done and looked good, and I’m thankful for that. And when it came time for the actual event we had so many volunteers that while it was crazy busy, it all ran super smoothly.”

The second floor featured “creepy critters,” and had spider webs strung all over the walls, as well as a gargoyle that would wave as the kids walked by. The floor also had bugs adorning the walls and made one walking through feel as if though they had entered onto the set of “A Bug’s Life.” “It went really well; it was very well planned and choreographed,” said Braxten Dewey, the boys’ second floor RA. “It was very front-load busy, but my experience with it was really fun.”

The third and final floor was focused on spooky things in the sky, and contained ghosts, witches and bats everywhere. Light blue and purple streamers were hanging from the ceiling, with bats taped onto the streamers. Decorations made by residents covered the walls, from a witch in a cauldron to ghosts made to look like Casper; the walls were packed with homemade paper decorations. “It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it to see how much fun all the kids had,” said Levi Doe, the boys’ third floor RA.

Darlene Melvin agreed. “It went beautifully,” said Melvin, hall director (HD). “I think the RA’s did a fantastic job and everything really came together in the end.”

Jordan McIntyre, Garver HD compared the 346 pounds of candy that had been bought to 57 babies, a comparison that really puts into perspective just how much work went into making sure the children had a good time.

“Monster Mash is a time for community and for bonding within the North Manchester community and the University’s campus,” Doe said. “It allows for students to interact with the children of the community and allows Manchester to showcase its commitment toward all people, whether they go to the University or not.”