Manchester University
Oak Leaves

November 8, 2019

MU Wrestling Opens Season against Olivet

Jacob Hamilton


The Manchester University Wrestling team has officially kicked off the season with a meet against Olivet College on Saturday, Nov 2. They did come up short; however, they performed well and showed a lot of promise going forward.

Indeed, the team has big plans. “Our goal is to take 10 people (to nationals) as usual and then, from those people, create 10 national champs,” said Elijah Phillips, sophomore.

Not only the wrestlers, but also the head coach Kevin Lake have expressed confidence in the feasibility of these goals. The team has an immense amount of potential, including JaVon Phillips, Joel Arney, Victor Lee and Josh Stephenson, to name a few.

The athletes also have ambitious individual goals. From conference titles, to staying in weight classes, to national titles, they are all shooting for a very successful run this year. “My personal plans are to win the national championship at 141 lbs,” Phillips said. “And coach has changed our training from last year but the energy is still the same, maybe even more intense this year. I love it.”

Phillips’ energy is apparent when talking to the athletes off the mat as well. “Personally I’m excited for different variety of teams we will be facing since we are going to New York to wrestle,” said sophomore Jeremiah Ford.