Manchester University
Oak Leaves

April 15, 2016

Senior Caleb Noffsinger

Noffsinger Pursues Digital Storytelling MA

Aaron Lloyd

Students admitted to graduate school make good stories. And senior English major Caleb Noffsinger takes that one page further: this fall he enters the digital storytelling master’s program at Ball State University.

The Elgin, Illinois native is excited to take the next step to further his education. “I will be devoting more of my time honing my skills in fields that I find interesting, fields not available at Manchester,” he said.

Noffsinger worries most about the graduate course load interfering with his other new commitment. “I will be working in an assistant position at the same time to help cover the costs of grad school, but I am positive that I can balance my schedule,” he said.

Noffsinger also looks forward to the challenging, quick-paced graduate courses. In just two short years he must prove his knowledge with a thesis or creative project. It’s something that he says is both exciting and stressful.

With his time at Manchester almost up, Noffsinger realizes he will most miss the students, faculty, and bond that this community shares. “The nice thing about Ball State is that I am close enough to come and visit for a weekend if I want to,” he said.

As a gamer and movie enthusiast, Noffsinger knew his dream jobs for years. Writing screenplays or scripting for video games top the list things he would love to go into. “Both have been a passion of mine, and both have been an ideal dream job for a long time,” he said.

As for extending his education even further after graduate school, Noffsinger says it all depends on what jobs he looks into after he graduates from Ball State. He says he wouldn’t be against taking his education a step further to the PhD level.