Manchester University
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April 22, 2016

PRE PHARM Sophomores Curtis Stump, Hannah Foley and Megan Dyer look forward to furthering their educations in pharmacy programs.

Students Prepare for Pharmacy School Studies

Karen Kanyike

­Several Manchester students are looking forward to pursuing further studies in pharmacy school. Sophomores Curtis Stump from Boggstown, Ind., Megan Dyer from Delphi, Ind., and Hannah Foley from Crawfordsville, Ind., are a few weeks away from completing Manchester’s two-year pre-pharmacy program.

These three pre-pharmacy majors have been accepted to Manchester University’s College of Pharmacy, where Stump and Dyer are set to continue their studies on Aug. 1 while Foley has opted to attend Purdue’s College of Pharmacy, where she was also able to secure a spot. She will start school in late August.

Stump plans to specialize in oncology pharmacy but he is also open to other options. “My ultimate goal is to help people, which is one of the major reasons I chose pharmacy,” he said. “I feel that my time at this university has more than prepared me. The dedicated professors have encouraged and challenged me to think outside the box and apply course material to real life situations.”

Dyer talked about her area of interest and her future aspirations. “I am planning to pursue nuclear pharmacy,” she said. “After I graduate from Manchester’s College of Pharmacy I plan to do a year of residency and then try to find somewhere to work as a nuclear pharmacist. If this does not work out, I plan on working in the commercial pharmacy industry.” She believes that Manchester has helped her hone her interviewing and oral skills, and that the faculty has provided her with adequate preparation for the rigorous course work in pharmacy school.

Foley aspires to go into pediatric pharmacy once she receives her pharmacy degree. “[I want] to make a difference in children’s lives every day!” she said. “I’ve always wanted a job where I could help kids feel better.” She talked about how her time at Manchester will help her achieve her goals. “I feel like they’ve provided me a strong foundation that will set me up for success no matter what pharmacy school I go to.”

The three pre-pharmacy majors were determined to go directly to pharmacy school after Manchester and did not sustain any plans of joining the work force before continuing with their studies. “I was certain that I wanted to go to pharmacy school,” Stump said. “After talking with some pharmacy students, professionals, and doing some research of my own, I knew this was what I wanted to do.”

They also talked about the clubs and organizations they were involved with during their time at Manchester. The three are committed members of Circle K, a national student-led volunteer program. Foley was treasurer of the club while Dyer took on the role of vice president for the two years she has been at Manchester. “It’s a wonderful service organization that does so much good,” Foley said. “It’s my favorite club on campus,” she continued.

Stump and Dyer commented on the various opportunities the club provided. “I have done a lot of volunteering for Circle K such as Relay for Life, making coloring books for the children at Riley’s Hospital, and also making trauma dolls for Riley’s Hospital,” Dyer said. “It gave me the opportunity to serve my community and make connections with people,” Stump added. Dyer and Foley are also members of the American Chemical Society and the Pre-Pharmacy club.

Foley and Dyer talked about some of their memorable moments at Manchester, which include spending time with their friends and taking part in interesting activities such as the May Day events. They shared a few words of wisdom for not only pharmacy students but also the rest of the student body. “Pharmacy is hard and you cannot just go into it thinking you will cruise your way through it,” Dyer said. “I spent many hours in the Science Center after class studying with my friends. If you want to pursue pharmacy you have to be dedicated enough to put in all the hours and hard work, but most importantly do not [take on the journey] alone,” she continued. She stressed the importance of having friends to help you along the way.

“If you need help, do not hesitate to ask the faculty!” Foley said. “They’re so wonderful here and they’re always ready to help you with anything you’re struggling with. I also found it is so helpful to form a study group, for me it has made all the difference. It also makes studying so much more bearable,” she added.