Manchester University
Oak Leaves

April 29, 2016

Grads Share Experiences at Manchester

Guerby Ruuska

Near the end of spring semester, Manchester hosts a unique event on campus that brings great culture and history to the school.

“My Experience at Manchester” is an event that gives people an opportunity to listen to the words of graduating students of color, mixed race or international descent, and it gives the international students a chance to talk about their journeys at MU.

“I want those in attendance to hear, first-hand, the diverse stories of our students,” said Michael Dixon, director of Intercultural Services. “Invitations will go out to the entire Manchester community.”

Students planning on speaking are asked to invite anyone else that has made an impact in their lives to join.

The first event like this one was hosted five years ago, and was the creation of Dixon. “I really wanted to give graduating seniors from the Office of Multicultural Affairs a platform to reflect and engage an audience on their experience at Manchester (College) University: the good, the bad and the ugly,” he said. “It was really geared towards the administration, admissions and others who have no idea how a student of color or an international student experiences life at Manchester and in the North Manchester community.”

“This event is meant to be a special time for everyone to share in the experience and celebration of finally graduating,” he continued. “Students compose a 5-7 minute speech that encompasses their holistic experience, from getting accepted into Manchester, the first experience on campus, move-in, to taking college classes for the first time.  The point is that listeners will understand and feel where the student is coming from.”

The speaking students then have a chance to give some useful advice to the first years, advice that students may follow for the rest of their college careers and their final goodbyes. 

The event will take place Sunday, May 1, beginning with hor d’oeuvres served at 3 p.m. and formal comments will start at 3:30 p.m.