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April 6, 2018


Junior Cass Ratliff sets up her camera to start recording a fellow student's practice audition. The process of learning from mistakes is very similar to the mock interviews that Career and Professional Development assist with, according to Ratliff.

Manchester University to be Featured in Upcoming "Titanic" Sequel

Teresa Masteller

Manchester University is the set of the upcoming “Titanic” sequel that is scheduled to begin filming at the start of the Fall 2018 semester. The sequel will star original “Titanic” actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, along with any Manchester University students that make the cut.

Sources say that although there isn’t an official name for the sequel, some strong contenders are: “Titanic 2: She Let Go,” “Titanic 2: But I Thought They Died," and “Titanic 2: Rose’s Revenge.”

Interested students are encouraged to attend open auditions where they will be judged by Manchester’s Lecturer of Theatre Kira Hawkins. “I found out about this project last year, and I’m so happy to act as casting director for the production,” Hawkins said. “We’ve held auditions in New York and Los Angeles so far. We’re working hard to assemble a cast worthy of this epic story.” Along her side Simon Cowell, Judge Judy, Tyra Banks, and director James Cameron will be assisting in selecting the very best.

According to Hawkins, Cameron had a dream one night that told him that Manchester University—or possibly the University of Manchester—could revive the Titanic franchise. Not just anybody could be trusted with such a task, and the diverse group of judges makes it clear that only the toughest will make it through this audition. In addition to an acting assessment, the audition will consist of a scavenger hunt through town and a tricycle obstacle course race. Auditions will be held April 31, at 6 p.m. in Wampler Auditorium.

Creative planning is still in full effect, as the film’s plotline is still in the beginning stages. In order to prepare for directing and the auditions, Cameron will arrive on campus later this month. During that time, he hopes to explore the university, especially the Eel River that’s located behind the athletic fields on campus.

The Eel River will be the setting for the majority of this Titanic” sequel. All the creative directors agree that this location is perfect, and will probably be the best location for a water scene in the existence of film. “The Eel River’s current mimics the ocean tide and gives Jack and Rose the perfect setting for their reunion,” Hawkins said.

Although the river will be the main set, students may find themselves acting as extras as the film’s action moves to various secret locations across campus. Though not to be revealed until Fall 2018, these locations could include academic buildings and even residence halls.

The filming will not interfere with the upcoming Semester at Sea, also to be located on the Eel River.