Manchester University
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December 7, 2018

Door Decorating 2

Junior Destinee Boutwell has decorated the door to her dorm room the past three years.

Photo by Destinee Boutwell

Deck the Halls: Is It Worth Decorating for the Holidays?

Kaleigh Gabriel


It is officially that time of the year again, folks! All down the residence halls there are doors covered in wrapping paper and bows. Trees are lit in the upper JYSC and in the windows of dorm rooms. Stockings, wreaths and festive lights are hung all around the doors, like Clark Griswold himself decorated.

As a first-year student here at Manchester, I have debated whether or not it’s worth it to decorate my dorm. I am no Grinch by any means. In fact, I love the holidays! But with less than half a month before I head home for break I’m questioning if I want to spend time studying or decorating.

Many of my friends here on campus agree that decorating for the holidays in a dorm can be more of a hassle than a reward. But some have gone crazy and their rooms looks as splendid as that of Whoville!

First-year Allyson Fogerty said: “Christmas is my happy place. That said, I find it extremely important to decorate for the occasion.” Fogerty also says she plans to go all out for her door this year, using her favorite garland and themed lights.

Others decorate in a milder manner with the goal of keeping up their family holiday traditions and making memories with their college friends. Lilli Cook said: “My friends and I all get together on weekends and drink cocoa while watching the Hallmark holiday movies on Netflix.” Some students find comfort in decorating their ‘dorm home’ for the season when we are eager to be back home. First-year Tiffany Williams said: “My roommate and I bought a small tree for our room. It makes the space feel more like home.”

Other students say that decorating is a lost cause because of all the papers and presentations they are preparing this last week before finals. Junior Evan Harris said: “I don’t have time to decorate before finals. But I definitely will decorate when I go home for break.”

Whether you personally want to decorate for the holidays or you want to breeze through to break, you can’t help but notice the beautifully decorated doors across campus and the windows full of colorful lights that remind you the holidays are fast approaching. So take time to enjoy our last week before finals. Make memories with friends, drink plenty of hot cocoa with peppermint sticks, and binge on all the holiday movie classics!