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December 8, 2017


Professor Stacy Erickson-Pesetski plans to volunteer to the Allen County SPCA in Ft. Wayne during Winter Break.

Photo courtesy of Stacy Erickson-Pesetski 

MU Community Discusses Winter Break Plans

Evan Harris 

It's time to deck the halls with boughs of finals and get ready for Winter Break. Students and faculty alike are getting ready to leave campus for two weeks. Where will they go, what will they do, or what do they wish they were doing?

“I will travel home to spend time with my family,” said first-year Avis McGovern. “We have a lot of family traditions, like decorating cookies, ice skating in Ohio, running around house barefoot and going out in the snow. I will also watch the Hallmark channel in my favorite flannel pajamas every day, but I wish I was traveling to Ireland with my aunt and her wife to go to the spots that they showed in the movie, 'P.S., I Love You.'” 

Some students have no other wish but simply to enjoy their time off. “I plan to relax and prepare myself for next semester," said junior E’Mon Harris. "I wish that I was drawing more, reading, writing poetry and finding new bands to obsess about next.” 

Other students will take the time to recooperate from the exhausting semester. 

Sophomore India Ulshafer will be doing just that. “I just plan to relax and catch up on sleep, as well as hang out with friends that I have not seen. I don’t really wish to do anything else other than that.” Alex Baker, sophomore, looks forward to traveling. “I plan on going on vacation either with my friends, or with my parents; I wish I could go to Florida or somewhere warm,” he said. 

Other students wish to visit with friends at home, too. 

Junior Katie Bowerman said: “I plan to bring my best friend home with me, and hopefully go to a Chinese Light Festival. I’ll be spending Christmas at home with my family.”
Although some students have a full calendar, they are not the only ones who get to have all of the fun. Some MU faculty members have plans in addition to grading final exams and planning January classes. “I just plan to spend time in Fort Wayne with my husband and children,” said mathematics instructor Eva Sagan. “I wish I was on a first-class flight to Hawaii to relax on the beach.” 

Associate English professor Stacy Erickson-Pesetski said: “I plan to run, sleep in late, of course, see my family and volunteer at the local animal shelter. I wish I was doing all that—but in a place that was 70 degrees and sunny.”