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December 9, 2016


Sophomore Faith-Alexis Graham focuses on shot

Lady Spartans Ready for a Win

Tanner Edge

Although fans may be familiar with what the Lady Spartans do on the basketball court, they may not know the process the team follows to get ready for their games. One thing is certain, though -  the Lady Spartans know how to prepare and hype each other up. 

Beth Schaefer is a sophomore guard/forward from Fort Wayne, where she attended Carroll High School. Having one year of experience on the team leaves her with plenty of knowledge of what it is like to prepare for a college basketball game. “We usually have a shoot around in the afternoon, then we go back to the locker room and listen to music to get pumped up for the game,” Schaefer said. “My favorite thing about being on the team is getting to spend time with the girls and make memories.” 

Preparing for games and getting hyped is something the Lady Spartans look forward to each game day. “We also always sing the fight song as a team before the starting lineup is given and the National Anthem is sung,” Schaefer said.

With a rocky 0-6 start to the season, the Manchester women’s basketball team remains resilient to loss. Whether the girls are just hanging out, practicing, preparing for a game or playing a game, they are always making memories together. “We are all super close and that’s what makes the season so much fun,” Schaefer said. 
Although the start of the season hasn’t been so very memorable in terms of a winning scoreboard, Schaefer and the rest of the Lady Spartans have much more of the season to look forward to. With a strong team bond and the will to make each other better, they hope to bounce back with a conference run against Defiance, Mt. St. Joseph and Earlham Colleges.

Visit Manchester University’s website for information such as game schedules, statistics, team standings and player bios. 

The Lady Spartans’ next home game will be against Mt. St. Joseph, at the Stauffer-Wolfe Arena on Dec. 10.