Manchester University
Oak Leaves

December 9, 2016

Basketball Men's

Sophomore Adrian Johnson


Men's Basketball Scores Season's First Win

Destinee Boutwell

The men’s basketball team defeated Olivet 99-67 at home on Wednesday, Nov. 30, marking their first victory of the season. The team came out with the energy and determination to obtain a large lead and defend it until the final buzzer. Manchester positioned themselves with a 49-22 lead going into the first half by aggressively attacking Olivet’s zone defense. 

The game had a large turnout, with many Spartans supporters filling the stands to cheer the men to victory. As the clock wound down to the final seconds of the game, the crowd seemed to hold its breath in anticipation to see if Manchester would score 100 points; however, when the buzzer went off signaling the end of the game, the red digital letters read 99. 

Chatter and excitement quickly resumed as the celebration of the Spartans’ first victory this season began. “I was so happy to be a Spartan when we won,” said Aireanna Parrish. “I know how hard the boys have been working, so I was really proud of them. Being in the audience was great because it felt awesome to be a part of a community that was as excited as I was.”  

Other students in the attendance came to the game to hang out with friends. “I came to support some of the guys from my SOL group and my bestie Derrick,” Taylor Gandy said. “ I also love basketball, and wanted to do something fun with my friends, so it was a win, win, win situation.”

After the game, students were talking about the many moments that left them on the edge of their seats. “When Tyler Alexander had his dunk and Adrian Johnson hit a 3-pointer under a lot of pressure and almost a foot back from the three point line, the crowd went wild,” Gandy said. “I got chills because it was so exciting and fun to watch.” These comments were echoed multiple times; Alexander's dunk and Johnson’s 3-pointer were the highlights of the game.

The win was encouragement for both the team and its fans. “I felt that the win was what the boys needed,” Gandy said. In addition, the audience has a renewed enthusiasm for watching the Spartans win. “I wish so happy they won, especially since it was their first win of the season,” Parrish said.