Manchester University
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February 19, 2016


EXPRESS YOURSELF First-year Sean Patton takes the stage. Photo courtesy of the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

BSU Hosts ‘Expressions’ Event

Keith Berry

Singing, dancing, reciting poetry, etc. all have their own ways of telling stories that invite people to express themselves. And so it was fitting that on Feb. 9 the Black Student Union (BSU), a Manchester University club, held an event called Expressions where the arts were welcomed and encouraged. From 8:30-10:30 p.m. in Wampler Auditorium, students of all shapes and sizes, ages and races, were welcomed to express their feelings or just entertain through their hobbies or passions. In turn, they experienced a warm, welcoming environ-ment and plenty of smiling faces.

There was a combination of impressions, singing/karaoke, dancing, video viewing, and in-strument playing. There was also a Black History Month texture in the room, as many of the acts presented were recitals from famous African American artists or singers. Some of the pieces included songs made by professional singers such as Beyoncé or R. Kelly, while others recited poems from African American poets such as Maya Angelou. Some acts presented original pieces. The various presentations confirmed that there is a multitude of hidden talent at Manchester University.

BSU president Caniece Leggett feels that the arts play an important role in society. “I think the arts influences people's lives because it gives them a way to express themselves so they can share it with others,” Leggett said. “It also is a way to connect with each other and know that we all are going through something that could be different or similar to what is happening in our own lives. The arts sometimes go unnoticed but if you actually take the time to listen, look, or feel, the arts can be become very magical and real.”

BSU club meetings take place every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. Glynn Hines ’73 (a founder of the AAFRO House, which is now known as the Intercultural Center) came on February 16. Tonight, Feb. 19, the club will be going to see the movie RACE, which is the story of Olympic sprinter Jesse Owens, and they will attend a church service in Fort Wayne on Feb. 21.

On Feb. 27, BSU plans on attending a Step Show at Michigan State University. Their last event on campus will be the Black and White Affair in the JYSC on April 1. No fooling: this is where students can dress up, enjoy each other's company, and dance! “We are looking to revamp it so people should come to see what's new,” Leggett said.