Manchester University
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February 19, 2016


Professor John Minnich

MU Grad Returns to Teach

Guerby Ruuska

Manchester graduate John Minnich has joined the faculty of the accounting and business department.

He returns to Manchester with lots of knowledge about his subject, having practiced about ten years as a CPA and consultant with a focus on both nonprofits and accounting software.

He also has a love for teaching. “I redirected my career to higher education,” Minnich said. “After serving three years in a similar role as a professor at Indiana Tech, I decided to return to my alma mater to give back and broaden my horizons.” Not only was Minnich a student at Manchester, but his brother and wife were as well.

Minnich is a huge asset to MU’s accounting and business courses because, although it’s a job, it is also a passion for him. “I have special interests in nonprofits and technology,” Minnich said. “Organizational leadership also fascinates me.”

Teaching in the A&B field is not his only passion. Minnich has an athletic side and, when he isn’t in the classroom, he and some of his friends get together on Tuesday evenings to play basketball, a fun tradition that has been going for more than 20 years.

He also had the opportunity to pursue a PhD in Organizational Leadership, but turned it down to become a part of Manchester University. He knows well what he calls “the quality of the programs,” and in particular, the College of Business.  “Colleagues in the business community always refer to Manchester as the ‘gold standard,’ especially the accounting program,” he said. "I fortunately have the opportunity to continue my journey with exceptional colleagues and great students.”

Students appreciate MInnich’s commitment to teaching and practice. “He is a well-rounded business professor because of his real world experience as a CPA,” said first-year accounting major Mikki Gotze.