Manchester University
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February 23, 2018

101 Days Marketing Dept (3)

From left to right: Spencer Thomas, Kyler Love, and Hunter Gaerte.

Seniors Celebrate 101 Days to Commencement 

Avis McGovern 

Manchester University put on its 101 Days to Commencement on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018. The event was held for seniors intending to graduate in Spring 2018. This formal celebration allowed senior students to gather and meet with some of their first friends on campus and reflect on their years at MU as they dine together.

Students dressed in their best business apparel with most women wearing dresses, and men wearing suits and ties. As they arrived, students checked in their coats and headed up the stairwell to be greeted at a table where they were given a name tag. “It’s really nice to have all of my peers in the same room,” said senior Mitchell Oskam. “Everyone really came out dressed in their best.”

Students gathered in Beauchamp Lounge at 5 p.m. to enjoy a cocktail hour that served spanakopita, tomato basil bruschetta, drunken shrimp, sushi rolls and a cheese display with crackers. There was also fountains serving Cosmopolitans (cranberry juice and 7-Up) and Mimosas (orange juice and Sprite). The room was filled with laughter and excitement as seniors grouped together to talk with old friends, have their pictures taken and reminisce. “It’s crazy to think how quickly this came upon us,” said senior Jared Bourff. “I’m happy to be here and while I have enjoyed my time at MU, I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Jack Kay agreed. “Most of my best memories at Manchester are with some of these people in the room. Being able to play football from my first year to my last year with some of my best friends has been one of my highlights here at MU. Although I won’t be playing on the field anymore, I know I will still keep in touch with my teammates and best friends as we embark on a new journey.”

For dinner, students were seated at round tables decorated with black and gold plate settings and centerpieces. The event’s first speaker and host was Kylee Rosenbaum, a '11 MU graduate and the new director of Alumni Relations. Her introduction was followed by alumni Aaron Cripe '08 and Margaret Squires '12, who shared stories and experiences they had while attending MU.

After an invocation from senior Peter Shepherd, the lights were dimmed and the song “Be Our Guest” played while servers, who were current faculty members, formally walked out to serve the first plates. The students dined on caesar salad and bread followed by a choice of creamy-ranch chicken breast, gorgonzola-crusted filet of beef or a vegetarian entrée of gluten-free breaded cauliflower steak over quinoa topped with a dairy free ranch drizzle. All entrees were accompanied with a twice baked potato and fresh green beans prepared by Chartwells. The meal was topped off with an array of cheesecakes for dessert.

President Dave McFadden concluded the event with a speech; he shared his student experience at Manchester University, and, to help motivate donations from the senior class, he announced he would be matching the amount of donations they made. Seniors were able to take home a Manchester University engraved champagne glass and folder as their night ended.